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Welcome to MK Shelters Pvt Ltd, a name synonymous with excellence in the Mumbai real estate landscape. Our journey has been defined by a relentless commitment to quality, innovation, and building not just homes, but lifelong relationships.

Our Legacy: The M K Shelters Group stands tall as one of Mumbai's most distinguished real estate conglomerates. With a legacy dating back to our inception, we take immense pride in having delivered more than 8 successful projects across the city. Each of these projects represents a testament to our unwavering pursuit of perfection.

Excellence Recognized: At MK Shelters, we don't just aim to meet industry standards; we aim to exceed them. Our project, M K Gabino, stands as a shining example of our dedication to excellence. It has been honored with the prestigious CRE Matrix citation as one of the 'Top Performing Projects,' a recognition that underscores our commitment to quality and performance.

A Proven Track Record: Delivering projects on schedule is a hallmark of our group. We achieve this through efficient synergy, collaborating seamlessly with leading architects, designers, and structural engineers. This collaborative spirit ensures that each project we undertake not only meets but often surpasses the expectations of our valued customers.

Building Lifelong Relationships: At MK Shelters, we firmly believe that our job extends far beyond constructing structures; it's about crafting homes and forging enduring bonds. We understand that a house becomes a home when it's imbued with warmth, comfort, and a sense of belonging. This philosophy guides every aspect of our work, from design to construction and beyond.

As we continue our journey, we invite you to be a part of the MK Shelters family—a family built on trust, excellence, and the promise of a better tomorrow. Together, we will create not just living spaces, but legacies that endure through generations.


Our mission is to redefine the concept of home by seamlessly merging affordability, luxury, and modern living, all while championing green, eco-friendly, and carbon-neutral construction techniques. At the heart of our endeavor lies a commitment to making life more pleasant for all, with a special focus on first-time homebuyers. Our projects embody the very essence of what a 'home' should be, providing not just shelter, but a haven of comfort, sustainability, and lasting happiness.


Our vision at MK Shelters is to lead the way in transforming living spaces, where we aspire to elevate the concept of city life by offering affordable, modern, and visually captivating projects. Our commitment extends beyond homes; we envision the development of entire neighborhoods and their surroundings, creating landmarks that define excellence.What sets us apart is our relentless pursuit of architectural innovation, reflected in our distinctive elevations and design. However, it's our unwavering dedication to delivering on time that truly distinguishes our brand and cements our reputation for trustworthiness. With every project, we aim to empower our clients to upgrade their lives while leaving an indelible mark on the communities we touch.

Mr Mahafuz Khaan
Chairman & Managing Director

Mr. Mahafuz Khaan is a dynamic and influential figure in the real estate industry, renowned for his exceptional entrepreneurial prowess. With a remarkable track record of founding and elevating numerous real estate ventures, he has consistently propelled them to unparalleled heights of success. His achievements have earned him the distinguished recognition of being included in the 'List of Industry Leaders,' a testament to his exceptional leadership and contributions to the field.Mr. Khaan's unique talent lies in turning Ventures into profitable enterprises through the implementation of innovative and highly effective strategies.

A visionary in the realm of real estate, Mr. Khaan specializes in designing tailor-made housing development projects that not only meet but consistently exceed profitability expectations. His keen instinct for recognizing opportunities and forging valuable alliances with strategic partners sets him apart in the industry.Mr. Khaan is known for his exceptional ability to provide clear vision and meticulously planned milestones, serving as a strategic roadmap to navigate towards ambitious goals. His negotiation acumen extends to securing deals and orchestrating successful exits for joint venture partners while ensuring the integrity of shareholders' agreements.

Mr. Mahafuz Khaan is a highly innovative and successful real estate professional with an unwavering commitment to excellence. He is known for his ability to identify opportunities, provide strategic solutions, and redefine industry standards, all while prioritizing affordability, sustainability, luxury, and practicality. Mr. Khaan believes that quality housing should be accessible to everyone, regardless of budget. He thoughtfully designs projects that cater to a wide range of budgets, ensuring that homeowners do not have to compromise on quality or comfort. He is also passionate about reducing carbon emissions and sets a shining example of responsible development through eco-friendly construction techniques and sustainable practices. With Mr. Khaan at the helm, the real estate landscape is not just redefined; it's transformed. His comprehensive planning and effective design help to reduce building maintenance costs and enhance the overall living experience, inspiring a brighter future for homeowners and the environment alike.

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